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Westwood Walk
Construction Update June 2024

Welcome to our June Construction Update!

Construction works at Westwood are at full steam ahead, with Stage 13 achieving settlement in April 2024. Landscaping of Infinity Park has now been completed and is open to the public. The Walk landscaping is ready to commence in the later part of June as soon as we have approval from Melbourne Water. This will connect all of the parks in Westwood Walk completing the landscape vision

Stage 18: Due for Title in August 2024
Phase 7 (Final completion of works/Authority Testing and Compliance)

We have resumed works on Stage 18 following a small delay in authority approvals . The team will focus on completing electrical works and tidying up the stage in preparation for compliance testing and approvals.

In parks and landscaping news, the wetland and drainage reserve contracts have been let and works will commence shortly. We can’t wait for the Walk to be planted out and this will link up all of the green spaces in Westwood Walk.

Please find approximate timings in the table below of your stage:

Westwood Place
Project Update June 2024

Welcome to our June Construction Update!

We are proud to announce that Titles for Stage 2A & 8 have been issued. We would like to congratulate and welcome our purchasers in Stage 2A & 8 into the community!

Stage 2B: Due for Title in August 2024
Phase 3 (Sewer & Drainage)

The focus remains on completing both the sewer and drainage works to service the development of the stage, while getting ready for road boxing. 

Stage 3: Due for Title in December 2024
Phase 2/3 (Earthworks, Sewer & Drainage)  

Preparation of the site to achieve design lot levels including site scrape, shaping of the existing ground are well underway. The works will progress into sewer reticulation works and soon afterwards drainage.

In terms of landscape works at Westwood Place – Stage 1, 2A & 8 Landscape works are already complete. And our landscape design approvals for Stage 2B & 3 are nearing approvals. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sewer & Drainage
August 2024
Earthworks, Sewer & Drainage
December 2024
Plan of Subdivision
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