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Expected Titling Timeline

Last Updated: 27.07.2021

The Westwood team is excited to share with you all the exciting developments that are currently happening on the ground! 

How quickly 2021 has gone by bringing us now to the half way point of the year!
We hope you have been staying safe and well, while finding ways to safely connect to family and friends despite the current restriction in place.

Due to the inclement weather in the past months, the development team has experienced slight delays outside of construction control, none the less, the community continues to take shape with progress seen throughout Westwood Walk.

In April, we saw Stage 7 achieving Title Registration with the majority of purchasers having settled on their land and will now begin the next exciting chapter in their homeownership journey. A sincerest “Congratulations” to these purchasers and a warm welcome to the community.

In Stage 9, electrical & telecommunications works have commenced, laying the ground work for the community to be linked to the power grid and communication network.

In Stages 10 & 11, things are really starting to come together as the ground is prepared for the lower layers of road pavements.

Construction is due to commence shortly on Stages 5 & 12! The big machineries are rolling in to start preparing the site for your future homes.

A warm welcome to Stage 14 purchasers. Currently the development team is working through plans and permit to ensure all preparations are ready for physical works to commence on your site.

Please find approximate timings in the table below of your stage:

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