Pay Your Mortgage While You Build
Terms and Conditions

01. Promotion Overview

(a). The “Pay Your Mortgage While You Build” promotion offers a benefit of $25,000 to purchasers who buy a titled land or house and land package. 

02. Eligibility

(a). This promotion is available to purchasers who enter into a contract to purchase a titled land or house and land package with Dahua.

(b). Purchasers must comply with all conditions of the purchase contract to remain eligible for this promotion.

03. Promotion Value

(a). The total value of this promotion is $25,000 per lot. For selected lots only, an additional $15,000 will be provided on top of the $25,000 ($40,000 altogether). 

04. Application of Funds

(a). The $25,000 or any other promotional sum will be paid by Dahua as a contribution to the purchaser’s nominated bank account within 30 days after settlement. 

(b). The payment will be made directly to the purchaser’s nominated bank account or as otherwise directed by the purchaser.

05. Duration of Promotion

(a). The promotion is applicable only for contracts signed within the promotional period and with the relevant deposit amount paid. 

(b). The promotional period will start from 30 June to 31 July 2024 subject to lot availability. 

06. Limitations

(a). This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts unless otherwise stated.

(b). The promotion is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits.

07. Conditions

(a). Purchasers are solely responsible for the timely and proper payments of all instalments and complying with all obligations under their mortgage and purchase contracts.

(b). The Purchaser is responsible for disclosing the promotion to its lender/mortgagee before borrowing funds to settle under the purchase contract, andthe promotor is not responsible or liable to any person if the purchaser fails to do this.

(c). A default under the terms of the purchase contract or mortgage agreement may result in forfeiture of the promotion benefits at the Dahua’s discretion.

08. Termination of Promotion

(a). The promoter reserves the right to terminate or amend the promotion at any time without prior notice.

(b). Any changes to the promotion will not affect purchasers who have already entered into contracts under the original promotion terms.

09. Liability

(a). The promoter is not responsible for any tax implications arising from the receipt or use of the promotion benefits.

(b). Purchasers are advised to seek independent financial advice regarding the tax implications of this promotion.

10. General

(a). In partaking the offer under this promotion, it constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

(b). The promoter’s decision regarding any aspect of this promotion is final and binding.

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