Westwood success story leads to expanded masterplan: Introducing Westwood Place


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Westwood Walk which launched in 2017 has been a well known residential estate success story. The project has enjoyed continued and steady success right from launch date and has become well known as one of the fastest growing residential estates in all of Victoria.

It is off the back of this unrivaled demand that the Westwood team are pleased to introduce Westwood Place, a significant extension to the original masterplan that will undoubtedly entrenched the interest in Westwood.

Combined, Westwood Walk and Westwood Place now make up the largest masterplanned development in the Fraser Rise area with an estimated combined 1,600 lots mixed residential land and townhomes over 103.45ha.

Westwood Place sits adjacent to the original Westwood Walk with the future Plumpton town centre directly to the north. The additional 672 residential lots in the expanded Westwood will address the significant growth in population that the Fraser Rise area has seen, with local government infrastructure and jobs creation already underway.

Purchasers will likely rush to the sales suite with the wide variety of homes on offer at affordable prices. The Westwood Place extended masterplan will also create more opportunities for first home buyers, with the majority of dwellings under the threshold for stamp duty exemptions and other government grants and support.

However, Westwood Place will not only be a financial decision for purchasers. The developer’s intention was always to deliver a community to the fast growing area that will be enjoyed for generations and beyond.

Westwood’s original masterplan Westwood Walk sits alongside Westwood Place separated by generous green space, a proposed local school and a sporting oval which will be enjoyed by locals of all ages. After Westwood Place launches, Westwood Walk will continue to sell a variety of land lots that will suit purchasers looking for a shorter timeline on land delivery for the construction of their new home.

The combination of Westwood Walk and now Westwood Place will deliver a truly diverse community that will be home to all budgets and lifestyle requirements. The communities of both Westwood Walk and Westwood Place will include people of varied cultural backgrounds and economic status.

Sitting within the heart of Melbourne’s West and within walking distance to the future town centre of Plumpton, Westwood is nearby to several schools, an abundance of open active space, and transport hubs. The Westwood community is genuinely connected to itssurrounds making Westwood a desirable location to live and raise a family.

Westwood will flourish into a thriving community with the masterplan delivering design elements that encourage chance encounters between residents and an outdoor lifestyle. Other unique features of Westwood include ample park space, playgrounds, cycle paths as well as dog friendly recreational areas connected by safe routes and pathways that will be enjoyable on both foot and bike.

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