Jordan Mune and Alex Assad: Westwood’s Estate’s Managers inspiring home buyers and having fun in the process.

Westwood has been a project of remarkable success and one of the fastest growing community in Melbourne’s fast growing western corridor.

Whilst purchasers point to the lifestyle on offer at Westwood as being the major factor in their decision to become a part of this emerging community, many purchasers have also noted The Westwood Estate Managers Jordan Mune and Alex Assad as having played a part in the process.

Jordan Mune and Alex Assad are friends first and colleagues second. With their inside knowledge of the area, these two have been instrumental in helping build the Westwood community. Since Westwood launched, the two have consistently inspired purchasers to see their dreams of home ownership come to fruition and they’ve been having a laugh right throughout the process. Their energy and enthusiasm have made the purchasing process for new residents at Westwood a surprisingly fun affair. When you are in an appointment with Alex and Jordan, not only can you expect extensive knowledge about the project, housing options and local amenities, but it will also be an experience full of banter and good humour.

It’s well known that Jordan keeps his haircut tight, with his weekly haircuts (yes, you read that right, weekly) at local barber Da Barber House in Caroline Springs with the best in the business, Fadi. What’s less known is that these frequent trips to the barber meant Jordan got to know Fadi well, and true to form quickly developed a friendship. It was during one of these weekly haircuts that Jordan caught wind that Fadi was thinking of purchasing a new home for his family. The story goes that Jordan then shared with him the lifestyle on offer at Westwood and Fadi then purchased within the week!

“Fadi is an absolute gentleman and helps me keep my appearance in tip top shape. I am looking forward to seeing his property goals come to life. Hopefully there will be chilled beers when I visit too,” Jordan says.

Both Alex and Jordan are from multi-cultural immigrant backgrounds and are first generation, Australian born locals with tight knit families that know and love the area. They have two decades of real estate experience between them and both have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of land as well as an understanding of what the area will grow into in the years to come.

As Estate Managers, Alex and Jordan are naturally gregarious and they know the local area through and through. It’s their extensive local knowledge and ties to the community that have made the Westwood project feel more like a social and convivial undertaking than a job for the two. Jordan grew up in Hillside and has lived in the area his entire life. Even now he lives less than 1km from the office. Similarly, Alex grew up in Hillside and his extended family have lived in the area for decades.

Having long been a part of the community, Alex is known for his saying, “I know a guy” because well, he knows a guy… for every and any job one might need done. His family’s business, the local milk bar in Hillside has been operating for 25 years, a fact which Alex is immensely proud of.

“The western corridor is my home. It’s where my entire extended family lives and I’ve been here my whole life. It’s been a bit of a dream job sharing my local knowledge and selling for Westwood. I will often know the people we are selling to as family friends or even from school days. If you’re looking for a new home at Westwood, give us a call… I know a guy who can help with that!” says Alex.

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