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Expected Titling Timeline

Last Updated: 03.06.2021

The Westwood team is excited to share with you all the exciting developments that are currently happening on the ground! 

The community continues to take shape with amazing progress being made on-site every day. It has certainly been a busy start of the year as we deliver Stage 8 in March with the majority of the lots now settled. The sincerest congratulations and warmest welcome to Stage 8 purchasers on your next exciting chapter at Westwood Estate. 

On behalf of the development team at Westwood, we are pleased to let you know that all major construction work has been completed with Stage 7 Practical Completion achieved. 

We anticipate Statement of Compliance to be issued in the coming week. We strongly encourage you to contact your financier and solicitor in preparation for the upcoming settlement. Currently, we are anticipating Titles to be registered 26th June 2021, with Settlement to occur approximately the 2nd week of July.

Sewer and Drainage works have commenced in Stage 9, ensuring every lot is connected to the waste and water systems. 

In Stage 10 & 11, the big machineries have rolled in and earthworks have begun. The site is being prepared and shaped in order for subsequent works to commence. 

A warm welcome to Stage 5 purchasers! Within this stage, Plans and Permit is currently underway. We look forward to provide you with further updates as your stage progress. 

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